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1. Passion Test : Success Magazine

1. An Introduction to inspire and help you to find your top 5 Passions (What you love to Be/Do/Have)

2. 18 questions to find your Passions

To Enrich the process and create a bigger initial list of all potential passions more questions to ask your self.

3. What Steve Jobs said about “Passion”and the 5 Key Attributes for Successful Entrepreneurs the coming 10 years

Passion being the first attribute of Success needs to be accompanied from more attributes to be effective . What are these top 5 attributes?

4. What can we learn from Young Billionaires?

Young Billionaires have a fresh approach on how to create value and impact positively the world . What are the key lessons?

5. 25 ways to lead and create success right now

Success for many is a long term goal and for a few is easy and right now. Why? In fact Success is created by consistently following a few key life principles daily!

6. How to create value and make money with your passions

As many people want to make money this article explains what you need to combine your passion with in order to create value resulting to money generation.

7. Leadership: Do you want to reach the Top?

The great majority of  business people and entrepreneurs focus too much on their work and other essential life activities and forget to focus and grow themselves continuously. This should be the first life priority in order to grow and be able to help others and the society at large better.

8. How to find your Natural Talents, e-guide

In this guide, you will find out how you naturally create value and how you naturally grow that value through people and processes. You will see how your own natural path directly links with how you lead, how you perform best in a team, and how you can most effectively impact the organization that you work in and more.

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